You have to start somewhere

As with all things, I have to start somewhere. I decided to make this blog so that, among other things, I could chronicle my development of a custom game engine (and a game to go along with it) that I call Critterbits. I might also talk about some other things from time to time as the mood strikes me.

I first started the Critterbits project in earnest back in August, though to be fair the idea for it goes back a couple years. Over that time, I’ve learned a few different engines and even some raw OpenGL programming to prepare for this. I even used Unity3D professionally for a while. One thing I learned through that process is that while all the available free engines I looked at were certainly handy for jumping right in and getting started, they were way overkill for the kind of game I wanted to make. I wanted to do something simple, and I felt like all the tools and bells and whistles just kept getting in the way.