About Taxes

Just a few things about me, in case you were wondering.

On the internet:

  • I go by the moniker “Taxes” on places like Steam and Battle.net and other online services. It doesn’t have any special meaning, it was just a name I chose out of the blue for a Dungeons & Dragons character that I really enjoyed playing. It is amusing that sometimes I get followed by random people on Twitter looking for actual tax information.
  • I use this blog to post about random things, but usually focused on games and programming.
  • I have a Twitter account that I sometimes post things to: @Taxes_dev
  • I also have code at my Gitea site: git.taxes.dev/taxes
  • I’m generally friendly. If you want to chat over Twitter, feel free.

In real life:

  • I am a software engineer and technical product manager (mostly large scalable services and game services). If you care about the professional stuff: havisullivan.com
  • I love to code. Lately it’s been a lot of C++ and Rust, but I also know JavaScript, C#, Java, and a smattering of other more obscure languages.
  • I’m a woman married to another woman and a native Texan.
  • I have a couple of dogs. They’re cute.
  • I like anime and My Little Pony.
  • Sometimes I bake cookies.
  • Full disclosure: This blog is obviously my personal space, and my opinions are not my employer’s. I generally try my best to call it out when I’m promoting something that benefits me financially.